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We are fully qualified to offer asset protection services analizing the most convenient structure under the law to bussines interests and managing (Outsourcing).

Our Notary department does not only supports the other practice areas (such as contracts and company law) but develops and area of practice on its own such as Real Estate and Relocation.

The confidence that we gained from clients though years of commitment, makes them require us to handle their own personal subjects, and that is the reason we have specialists in other areas of the law such as Family Law and Inheritance Law. We give advice on Inheritance and Trust cases, both onshore as offshore (national and international) and also on the administration of the household (family office), even performing relocation activities.

We have correspondent law firms in all relevant jurisdictions in the world, with whom we have been relating through many years.

Vision of team work and constant development on integral advisory are the main bases of Alphabeto Uruguay Legal and Accounting Services.

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